Conscious earth organic farm and food forest

Conscious earth permaculture farm & villa de Vida associacion

Conscious earth organic farm and food forest

Conscious earth permaculture farm & villa de Vida associacion



VILLA de VIDA is a non-profit association

Registered with the Junta de Andalucia 04/09/2018 number:13306

Activities & Accommodation are reserved for the members of the association.

Conscious Earth Permaculture Farm is used to host our courses in Earth Bag Building, Microgreen Day Course & The Permaculture Experience

Conscious Earth also grow & sell Microgreens & Permaculture produce in Malaga Province.

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We will announce new dates in June for the new Season!

Microgreens Courses are available on Sundays only but with limited spaces. Starting again in September 


Microgreens for sale in malaga

Microgreens for Sale at Conscious Earth Permaculture Farm Alora Spain

We have a huge selection to choose from, grown on our farm in Álora.

We cut them fresh in front of you at El Palacio de Eventos in Coín, Every Sunday, giving you the confidence that your Microgreens have not sat in a supermarket or refrigeration unit for days on end!

Beyond Organic produce grown on our Permaculture Farm in Andalucia Spain. Wholesome and natural, Fruits, Veggies, Vines, Salads and Microgreens for all your culinary needs!

We sell at Local Farmers Markets, to Restaurants, Retreats, Hotels & Juice Bars in Malaga Province, Andalucia, Spain.

 El Palacio Eventos, La Trocha, Coín, Malaga Province, Andalucia, Sp


Permaculture Cherries From our Permaculture Farm in Malaga Province

We have a Permaculture Farm!

We are very proud that we have accomplished so much in such a short time!

We started our Permaculture farm in December 2017,after studying at length about Permaculture principles. We have been applying these principles and have succeeded in growing an abundance of Beyond Organic produce.

All of our profits from the sale of our Microgreens go into our Food Forest, along with donations & help on our courses the Forest is expanding.

We rely completely on Mother Nature to nourish & protect our plants, no chemical or organic pesticides are used on our land making our produce 100% Pure!

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Within our Association we have many courses running throughout the year, including, Earth Bag Building, Natural Healing, Permaculture Experience, Meditation, Yoga, Revamping & Recycling, Antique Restoration & Paint Effects & Finishes!

Membership to our Association is included when you book any of our courses.

This gives you discounts on future events, purchases in our farm shop & accommodation. Or you can pay a yearly membership and receive discounts on all of the above

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Microgreens at Conscious Earth In malagaprovince



We also have WhatsApp groups that you can join & have your Microgreens delivered to your Area. 

You can set up your own WhatsApp group in your area to receive discounts on your purchase!

We have a huge selection to choose from, grown on our farm in Álora.

We cut them fresh in front of you at El Palacio de Eventos in Coín, Every Sunday, giving you the confidence that your Microgreens have not sat in a supermarket or refrigeration unit for days on end!

These beautiful Brotes (en español) will last for over one week in your Fridge at home.They can be used as a simple yet delicious Salad, in your Bocadillo or Sandwich, or used in your healthy Smoothie!

Packed full of flavour, with up to 40% more nutritional value than their adult counterparts!

We have many regular customers both Spanish & Foreign that return every week for their supply of fresh & delicious shoots!

Have a look at our Microgreen Page for more info!

We can also deliver to your Restaurant, Retreat, Club or Bar, just email us & we can visit you with some samples

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We also have WhatsApp groups that you can join & have your Microgreens delivered to your Area. 

You can set up your own WhatsApp group in your area to receive discounts on your purchase!

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INSTAGRAM: clubvilladevida & lifeatconsciousearth


NEW COURSES for 2019, Malaga Province, Spain

New Courses for 2019

New courses for 2019 at Villa de Vida & Conscious Earth

New courses for 2019 at Villa de Vida Associación Álora.

  • Meditation with Anthony Peters MSc
  • Vegan Alkaline Cooking with Livity Living
  • Introduction to Herbalism with Livity Living
  • Breathing Techniques with Ian Kirk
  • Arts & Crafts with Angie 
  • Recycled Leather Bag making with Sam

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Day Courses in Malaga Province, Spain

Day Courses available at Conscious Earth Permaculture Farm & Retreat

We have lots of Day courses to choose from, so whether you Live here or are on your Holiday, you can add to your Holiday  memories by enjoying a day out with us in the stunning mountains of Malaga Province in Andalucia.

We are only 40 minutes from the Costa Del Sol & Malaga airport.

( Transfer service available)

Day Courses start from Only €25 

Lunch & Drinks available at only €5 per person

automatic membership

Day courses

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Permaculture and what it means for the future of our planet...

Permaculture is a Beyond Organic way of farming. Traditional large corporate Organic Farms that sell to the major supermarkets tend still to use Organic Pesticides, many have the traditional rows and rows of single crop farms, pumping water from their Aquifers but not replenishing it. In Permaculture we recycle our water supply, we put in place measures to catch and keep rainwater. We use Mulch not only to decrease water evaporation from our land but to return precious nutrients & minerals.


What is the difference between Organic farming & Permaculture Farming?

Organic farming as we know it today is the Non use of Chemicals on produce grown for human consumption, reducing the dangers of poisoning the earth and the human race. All Good, of course, but did you know.....

Large Organic farmers still tend to use monocrop systems, they do not rebuild the soil, so the nutrients are not being replenished. They pump water from the ground, but again, they do not preserve the water supply, so eventually, the earth will take water from the seas, salt water! This sea water will make the soil unusable.

The earth is full of Aquifers, sponge like rock that soak up and store water. As salt water is denser and has a higher water pressure it can push inland beneath freshwater. 

In Cape May, New Jersey USA, groundwater extraction has lowered water tables by up to 30 metres, this is due to agricultural farming. Saltwater intrusion has closed over 120 water supply wells in that area alone.

Here at Conscious Earth we use Permaculture Systems to collect and store Rainwater, we are continuously re filling our Aquifer, recycling our water, purifying our water, reusing it. 

In addition we use Mulch around our plants, this not only replenishes vital nutrients in the soil, but also acts as a shade against water evaporation. It increases the speed in which the soil can return to its full nutritional potential. We have seen our trees flourish after a short time using mulch to nourish & protect them.

By mixing our plants & trees we create a unique natural environment.

We DoNot use any type of Pesticide, Organic, Ecological or otherwise. We rely on Mother Nature. ....After all she did a great job before we came along!!!

It’s quite simple!

A bug comes to eat the avocados, another insect comes to eat that bug, another bug comes to eat that one and  so on and so forth!  By planting a variety of Legume trees, Fruiting Trees, Vegetables, Herbs, Vines and much more together, they help each other, create mulch and create a self sustainable system. Attracting pollinating insects and other insects which add to the perfect Eco system.

Sustainable and self sufficient.


Our produce containers are made of polylactic acid (PLA) which is a resin left over from processing corn. Corn is a renewable resource that is carbon neutral. Corn can be regrown year after year to make more PLA, and because it is a plant, it takes up carbon dioxide from the atmosphere when it grows. The containers are also fully biodegradable, meaning they will break down in your rubbish or compost and will not accumulate in landfills.

We recycle our dirty water by filtration systems and we collect our rainwater.

We have put in Swales all over our land to retain the rainwater.

We use Mulch to cover our soil around our trees & plants thereby reducing water loss through evaporation.

In this way we do not rely on pumping our water from our Aquifer, allowing it to refill naturally as much as possible.

Helping our planet to recover from human intervention, whether from deforestation, over farming, drilling or fracking and over fishing, should be a priority for all mankind. We at Conscious Earth are trying to do our part, through growing produce as naturally as possible and teaching the values of Permaculture & Self Sustainability.

About Us - Conscious Earth Permaculture Farm

The Beginning March 2018 Conscious Earth Permaculture Farm

Our Permaculture Farm

Our 30,000m2 patch of Andalucian countryside was once farmed solely for Almonds. Untouched by human hands for decades. Although the soil is free from pesticides the nutritional values have been depleted by mono crop farming & ploughing. We wish to take our land back to nature, back to a forest.


( photo left & below, January 2018 Our Food Forest- The Beginning)

Our Food Forest at Conscious Earth

Growth & Change....

Our Food Forest is growing, incorporating:

fruit trees & shrubs, bushes, ground covers, vines & legume trees & plants to grow together symbiotically.

We Buy trees every week with a portion of the profits from the sale of our Produce.

 But we need more help!

If you can donate just €10, we can buy a tree! If you join Villa de Vida associación  50%of your membership fee goes to buying more trees and plants to help reforest this part of Álora, it also Contributes to our Courses, where we teach Permaculture & Eco Earth Bag Building. We hope to encourage others around the world to start their own Food Forests, our Introduction to Permaculture Courses can do this!

We also hope to inspire local farmers to change their own traditional farming methods to help to encourage by example, to help Andalucia.

July 2018, Green & colourful. Conscious Earth Permaculture farm

Using Permaculture...

By using Permaculture principles we have begun to rejuvenate the land.

We have seen huge changes in such a short time!

We planted Lemon Trees in 2016, some were happy, others not so, in early 2018 Stacey moved some of these trees into the Food Forest, they are now thriving amongst the other trees & plants. Trees, which we were told would not fruit for many years, have started! Our Food Forest is Lush! Amongst the arid backdrop of the Andalucian countryside in the hottest months, our Food Forest stands out as a beautiful green oasis.

( photo: left July. 2018,  Our green oasis)