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Fresh Original Art in Málaga Province

A love of colour influences my Art. Combinations of alternatives. Following Mother Nature & fashion colour trends. Excite and Inspire. 

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Sam has always worked within the Art and Antiques world. 

With 30 years experience in Antique paint restoration she is comfortable surrounded by paint tubes, furniture and canvasses! 

Now living in the mountains of Andalucía she is surrounded by nature. Her Art is now inspired by colour and combinations of colour. 

Sam has always had a keen interest in the fashion world. Having a successful business for 15 years to present, making leather clutch bags and tote bags. Mainly from recycled leather, scouring markets for leather sofas and chairs that she can reuse, reLove. 

Sam sells her bags almost immediately, mainly on Facebook and Instagram   

Wildstar Clutchbags and Totebags are sort after one of a kind Pieces, a work of Art in themselves. 

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Abstract Art in Andalucía

Original Art in Andalusia


2020 sees an array of stunning colours, inspiration taken from nature. 

From the lush green grass fields of the United Kingdom

to the Earthy Terracota tones of Andalucía. 

The sea brings every tone of blue from Tiffany Turquoise to Deep Indigo. 

Online Inspiration for Colour pallettes


Earthy Inspiration


That beautiful mix of red, orange and fuchsia we sometimes see in the sky at sunset will be a huge source of inspiration in the Spring/Summer 2020, according to the three experts. Fiery reds, rusty brows, bright oranges and magentas will be combined with each other. Tony Bannister calls this theme “Atmospheric”, while Foden calls it “Heatwave”. Deserts, terracotta pots, cinnamon, ginger spice and burnt henna also help to visualize what this theme is about.


The Green Grass of home


Acid Yellow to Urban Khaki

Forest Floors

The Canopy 

The leaves of Oaks, Olives, Almonds and Avocados 

Herbs & Wild Grasses 

The Sea


The Rippling tides and The big Deep. 

The crest of a wave. 

The sea and all it’s magical glory, to be in awe. 

The strength and beauty of its movement and colour. 

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