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Permaculture and what it means for the future of our planet...

Permaculture is a Beyond Organic way of farming. Traditional large corporate Organic Farms that sell to the major supermarkets tend still to use Organic Pesticides, many have the traditional rows and rows of single crop farms, pumping water from their Aquifers but not replenishing it. In Permaculture we recycle our water supply, we put in place measures to catch and keep rainwater. We use Mulch not only to decrease water evaporation from our land but to return precious nutrients & minerals.


What is the difference between Organic farming & Permaculture Farming?

Organic farming as we know it today is the Non use of Chemicals on produce grown for human consumption, reducing the dangers of poisoning the earth and the human race. All Good, of course, but did you know.....

Large Organic farmers still tend to use monocrop systems, they do not rebuild the soil, so the nutrients are not being replenished. They pump water from the ground, but again, they do not preserve the water supply, so eventually, the earth will take water from the seas, salt water! This sea water will make the soil unusable.

The earth is full of Aquifers, sponge like rock that soak up and store water. As salt water is denser and has a higher water pressure it can push inland beneath freshwater. 

In Cape May, New Jersey USA, groundwater extraction has lowered water tables by up to 30 metres, this is due to agricultural farming. Saltwater intrusion has closed over 120 water supply wells in that area alone.

Here at Conscious Earth we use Permaculture Systems to collect and store Rainwater, we are continuously re filling our Aquifer, recycling our water, purifying our water, reusing it. 

In addition we use Mulch around our plants, this not only replenishes vital nutrients in the soil, but also acts as a shade against water evaporation. It increases the speed in which the soil can return to its full nutritional potential. We have seen our trees flourish after a short time using mulch to nourish & protect them.

By mixing our plants & trees we create a unique natural environment.

We DoNot use any type of Pesticide, Organic, Ecological or otherwise. We rely on Mother Nature. ....After all she did a great job before we came along!!!

It’s quite simple!

A bug comes to eat the avocados, another insect comes to eat that bug, another bug comes to eat that one and  so on and so forth!  By planting a variety of Legume trees, Fruiting Trees, Vegetables, Herbs, Vines and much more together, they help each other, create mulch and create a self sustainable system. Attracting pollinating insects and other insects which add to the perfect Eco system.

Sustainable and self sufficient.


Our produce containers are made of polylactic acid (PLA) which is a resin left over from processing corn. Corn is a renewable resource that is carbon neutral. Corn can be regrown year after year to make more PLA, and because it is a plant, it takes up carbon dioxide from the atmosphere when it grows. The containers are also fully biodegradable, meaning they will break down in your rubbish or compost and will not accumulate in landfills.

We recycle our dirty water by filtration systems and we collect our rainwater.

We have put in Swales all over our land to retain the rainwater.

We use Mulch to cover our soil around our trees & plants thereby reducing water loss through evaporation.

In this way we do not rely on pumping our water from our Aquifer, allowing it to refill naturally as much as possible.

Helping our planet to recover from human intervention, whether from deforestation, over farming, drilling or fracking and over fishing, should be a priority for all mankind. We at Conscious Earth are trying to do our part, through growing produce as naturally as possible and teaching the values of Permaculture & Self Sustainability.