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Doing an Earth bag building course at Conscious Earth was one of the most rewarding experiences of my life! 

If you want to learn about building naturally there's not a better person to teach you than Stacey! He knows his stuff inside out! Having been a builder for most of his life there's nothing he hasn't seen nor done! He knows his theory but, most importantly, he practises what he preaches. He's built an earth bag house out of a Tolkien book with his bare hands (the dude doesn't even wear gloves!). But beyond being a fountain of knowledge, he's a great person. He wouldn't mind explaining to you a hundred times how something is done. Furthermore he'll always end up getting his hands dirty showing you different tricks and tips. I'm grateful beyond words for having had Stacey as my tutor and I can confidently say that I now have the necessary knowledge to get started building an earth bag house of my own. I met Stacey as my teacher and I said goodbye to him as my friend!

If you are thinking Stacey is a pretty cool guy to be around stop right there and wait to read about Sam. She is the brain and heart behind Conscious Earth! From the very first second she'll make you feel welcome and accommodate any requests you may have. She'll make sure you have everything you need and, most important of all, she cooks some of the tastiest meals you'd ever try! This alone would be enough reason to do a course with them. My only word of caution is that you might want to kidnap her and take her as your step mum!

The land itself is another reason to do a course in Conscious Earth. A little oasis in the South of Spain, showcasing innumerable Permaculture principles. Water management, food forest, terraces, recycling, soil restoration, natural building... This place is taking permaculture out of the books and making it work in practice.

To sum up, I couldn't have hoped for a better place to learn about natural building than Conscious Earth. The best teacher, the best vibe, the best land... the only thing missing now is you! Look no more and help spread the word of a more sustainable way of building.




I have been on The Conscious Earth building course. Stacey, the Course Tutor, has been inspirational, informative and a pleasure to work alongside. His enthusiasm for all things natural and sustainable is infectious.

The Course was a real eye opener and the possibilities for this method of construction endless. With hard work and imagination, you could potentially build an amazing variety of different structures.

I have learned so much in the last few weeks and can’t wait to put my new knowledge into practice.

The idyllic location and general Karma of area, really puts you in touch with the land.

I have thoroughly enjoyed my time at Conscious Earth and will be returning regularly to increase my Knowledge

When you undertake this course ,not only do you learnEarth Building, you take part in a totally unique and exciting way of life .I have  gained a new understanding of eating well, living well and being well.

If you want to try a different lifestyle, I highly recommend this Course

Andy Houchin  30/05/2018.


Our Course Review from Carrole

March 2018

I would fully recommend going on a permaculture course at Concious earth . I attended one of the courses and learnt lots. I already had  a keen interest in growing fruit and veg sustainably and organically however Stacey the course leader really extended my knowledge. Stacey has a vast knowledge of plants, trees, water systems , and utilising what is found in the area such as stones and broom to construct retaining walls for certain beds. He is a great teacher and has a sometimes wicked but fun sense of humor. What he doesn't know about plants he will research and study and is always upgrading his knowledge base. Sam, does all the cooking and made some of the best meals I've ever tasted. I was very impressed with the ideas both Sam and Stacey had for Concious earth and their drive and determination to make a small part of the world the healthiest and most beautiful it can be. Their land has a lot of steep slopes with little flat land but they have managed to find ways to grow lots of vegetables and fruit trees in a challenging space. I enjoyed my course so much I intend on returning later in the year.



Hi Friends.. I recently spent a month on an organic farm called Conscious Earth, it is 30 mins from Malaga. It is a relatively new project, planting a food forest and rejuvenating the land and water situation with sustainable techniques and permaculture. I think I have learned some things that I should have learned a long time ago and should never forget. I became so detached from nature living in London for most of 30 years. I always knew this but I had never really worked on the land. I learned and  'felt' the connection between the seed, the soil, the water and the sunshine, I observed, I was patient to see what I could see, and what Nature was sharing and manifesting. Then I would move a little and try to see from a different angle. I discussed these observations, and the diversity, strength and spirit of Nature and its ever growing, ever evolving, ever flowing ways opened up to me. All the solutions lie in Nature, in observing and working in partnership with Nature, never against. I spent a lot of time in the riverbed watching the water move past obstacles I created for it. Water only ever moves as much as it has to get past the obstacle. It never goes in the opposite direction, instead it stays as close as possible to the obstacle until it is past. In building stone walls, I learned that a small change of persctive inspired new approaches, and that closing down my reliance as well on my eyes and using touch also created solutions and ideas. The more we lose contact with the planet and these processes, the more we take it for granted, and the more volatile our relationship with Nature and Nature's behaviou



Ian stayed with us for 2 weeks and completed both the Earth bag Construction & Permaculture Courses

Well where to begin!! I’m a traveler from the Isle of Man i left there to pursue a dream!

I met Stacey and Sam in the local farmers market in coin selling micro greens on my first day in Spain and strait away I knew they were good people and I wasn’t wrong!!.
I emailed Sam and got a speedy reply on the two courses I wanted to attend which was the earth bag house building and permaculture courses! And it was everything I hoped for and more! They’re are both very hard working and very down to earth people! From the moment I arrived I felt like I was at home. Stacey’s personality and hands on approach to learning is fantastic and the knowledge he has is unbelievable which made the courses really fun!.
And as for sam, she’s amazing!! Every meal she cooked was wonderful so much so I started taking pictures of them! She is not a vegetarian/vegan but was very accommodating and I really looked forward to every meal. One day sam even came back and surprised me with a bottle of red wine! Which was a great gift! For which I was truly grateful.

I would highly recommend life at conscious earth to anyone wanting to learn about eco building and permaculture farming. I enjoyed it so much I even stayed on a couple of days longer!
I now truly consider this place to be a home away from home! Thank you so much for everything and I will definitely be coming back! Much love Ian xx


Review from Zoi Mazluga

I recently took part in the Conscious Earth's Food Forest course and absolutely loved it. First off, the location is stunning and idyllic. Remote and in the mountains, it is peaceful with the most wonderful views. Secondly, our teacher, Stacey, was an excellent teacher, thorough and super knowledgeable. His partner, Sam, is beautiful, caring and the perfect host. I enjoyed yummy home-cooked meals, which they kindly made vegan for me! I also enjoyed all the grazing from the food forest itself; strawberries, borage flowers, sugar snap peas and nasturtium flowers, nothing fresher than straight off the plant! I stayed in a gorgeous villa a few minutes from the farm's main house which was very comfortable and had a delightful garden and lots of almond and olive trees. The course itself was immensely informative and from the very first minute I was learning, and Stacey always ensured we got hands on experience. After some theory, we were in the food forest and remained there every day learning all the different zones and levels that made it up. We got to help build a swale and a hugel bed as well as a trellis using the broom shrub growing around the farm. I really enjoyed learning how to weave with that. I learned the importance of mulch and considerations of water flow/irrigation, especially in the south of Spain where there is not much rainfall. I have left knowing a world of information and now feel I would be comfortable to start my own food forest. I cannot thank Stacey and Sam enough for the opportunity to stay at Conscious Earth and experience their food forest. It was a pleasure and I highly recommend it to anyone interested in growing their own food and becoming self sufficient. It is the way to go! And they will take you there! Zoi Mazluga



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Earth Bag Course May 2018

Earth bag Course May2018

Ian, Zoi & Nahuel with Instructor Stacey




I had a life changing experience at Conscious Earth and am forever grateful to the people that surrounded me with Love & Care. I suffer from Cluster Headaches & it was so good to speak with Stacey about our shared experiences. He taught me so much about the healing properties of natural plants. I have come back to the UK armed with so much knowledge, to find a natural path to follow to manage this debilitating condition.

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